Top three foods eaten in Nigeria

All foods are loved by all people, but some foods are more beloved than others.

All foods are loved by all people, but some foods get more love than others. When you open your favorite food ordering app (OyaNow), that minute you spend choosing what to eat means your food is taking a minute longer before being delivered to you. We’re all about giving you the inside scoop on food-related matters to help you make the best possible food choices, so here are the top three foods eaten in Nigeria.

Jollof Rice: top three foods

Jollof Rice

Every country and their neighbor is dragging first place in Jollof, from Nigeria to Ghana to Senegal. The secret to this beloved meal of rice prepared with tomato, onion, and pepper is all in the spices it is cooked with. The fact that it goes well with several accompaniments, from chicken to plantain to coleslaw, certainly doesn’t hurt its reputation in Nigeria. 9ja jollof no dey carry last.

Garri and Soup


This is one food junction that everyone meets at, regardless of their social standing in Nigeria. It can go by many names, from “groceries” to eba, and be either eaten as swallow or drank. Honorable mentions of Nigerian soups that go well with garri as a swallow include Egusi, Afang, and Okro.



Suya is technically just beef but something about being grilled over an open flame and saturated with yaji makes it a top food eaten in Nigeria. Whether cut up and served on newspapers at night or served as kebab during occasions, suya remains a well loved treat for any occasion.

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