The OyaNow Advantage​

The OyaNow Advantage

We Nigerians have a word for it: OyaNow. It’s the fire in our bellies, the “let’s go” spirit that seizes the day. It’s the relentless hustle that keeps us moving forward, no matter the obstacle.

At OyaNow, we understand that spirit. We are the embodiment of that ever-present “OyaNow” within you. We’re the helping hand that says, “Leave it to us, we’ll get it done.”

Sure, we connect you with customers, vetted service providers, handle deliveries, and simplify your errands. But OyaNow is more than just an app. We’re the secret weapon that fuels your hustle. No matter your needs, we’re your trusted partner, freeing you to go after what truly matters.

Here’s the OyaNow Advantage

1. We move with you

From errands and handymen to finding the best deals, OyaNow is your “go-to” for getting things done, fast. Our ecosystem is built simply to ensure everyone gets convenient, reliable and quality services, from our partners to our customers. We provide practical solutions that meet your needs.

2. We take care of everything

Yes, we’re more than last-mile now!

We go beyond last-mile logistics and our amazing app to support our partners. We’ve offered seamless delivery for restaurants and shops, letting them focus on what they do best. Now, we’re fired-up to unveil OyaConcierge! to welcome a wider range of individuals and businesses to thrive under our wings. You can now let go of the time-consuming tasks. We’ll handle them so you can focus on your passions and priorities.

3. We’re reliable and trusted


Oga (Boss), you wey sabi hustle need this! Forget wahala (trouble) finding the right people for your errands. OyaNow no be your average app, we be your dependable “omo oko” (helper) wey go handle everything – from akara (bean fritters) delivery to that last-minute plumber you need.

Over 50,000 satisfied customers don’t lie. Visit our Webapp and free up your time for the things that really matter. OyaNow has your back!

Don’t let life slow you down. Download the OyaNow app and let your “OyaNow” spirit take flight!

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