Save Food Money with OyaNow

Prices keep going up, and because “man must survive”, costs that are not so important have to go. Food costs are unfortunately not one of the things that can go completely. Bad as e bad you still have to eat, and knowing this, we came up with solutions. Here are 3 ways OyaNow is helping you save food money.

First Time Discount

save food money: first time order

For everyone ordering from the app for the first time, OyaNow takes the delivery cost off your hands. Pay for only your food and put back the money you would have paid for delivery. No matter where you are, as long as you use the promo code “FREE”, your delivery is on us.

Monday Discount

save food money: Monday discount

Monday lunch must be eaten no matter what, so OyaNow is helping out again with its “FOODFUEL” promo code. Get 50% off your delivery every Monday by applying this code and saving half of the money you would have paid for delivery.

In-app Deals

OyaNow partners with amazing stores that make different discounts available for you on the food (or drink) itself. Get up to 50% discount on the products we offer and from our wide range of stores. Checking the app often or staying up to date with our socials means you get access to deals from time to time, and where does that money saved go? You guessed it—back into your pocket.

As the famous saying goes, “Na who don chop dey work well” so cutting food off to save money is not the way forward. You don’t have to eat less to spend less. Through these discounts and deals, OyaNow is making sure you eat well and still save something, which is a necessity in this economy. Remember to watch this space and our other spaces for the best deals. For now and always, OyaNow has your best interests at heart!

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