OyaNow Cocktail Chronicle

OyaNow Cocktail Chronicle teaches you simple 2-ingredient drinks you can make at home and enjoy with your friends!

Going out for drinks remains one of the simplest and most uncomplicated ways to hang out with friends. When you think about going out and shelling out “something hooge” for food, you immediately remember that there’s food at home, but how about drinks? At the end of this article, there will be drinks at home too, because this OyaNow Cocktail Chronicle is all about turning you into your very own mixologist! Here are simple 2-ingredient cocktails you can make at home and enjoy with your people.

Gin and Tonic

This is one of those cases where the recipe is the name, making it even easier to understand and create. Simply mix good gin and tonic water in the proportion you like, and your drink is ready! You can dress this up with a mint leaf if it is available; otherwise, it is good to go as is.

Cuba Libre

Although it has such a grand name, this is actually a simple drink to make. Mix rum and coke in the proportions you prefer, add ice into a tall glass, and pour it in. You can finish this off with a lime wedge, but it will be just fine without it.


This is a really cute and simple 2-ingredient cocktail that is truly enjoyable, especially for ladies. Orange juice and champagne (or another sparkling wine) are all it takes to make this cocktail. This refreshing cocktail can be served in champagne flutes as a breakfast beverage.

Red Wine Spritzer

Boozy Refreshing Cold Red Wine Spritzer with an Orange Slice

For all the times you have had little wine that you wanted to go a long way, this was the cocktail you could have made. Mixing red wine and club soda gives you this refreshing, low-alcohol cocktail. The trick is to let your club soda be really chilled before mixing it with your wine!

Cape Cod

This is the best cocktail for those of us who like our alcohol somewhat sweet, as it is made up of vodka and cranberry. Stir the two ingredients together, add ice, and slip in a lime wedge to garnish this refreshing drink if desired.


This drink is so easy to make because its two ingredients are almost always readily available in the fridge: orange juice and vodka. Mix the two ingredients in the proportion that you prefer, and ensure that the final mixture is as cold as possible for maximum enjoyment.

The best part about reading this OyaNow Cocktail Chronicle and becoming your own mixologist is that you still don’t have to go out to get the drinks! OyaNow, through OyaDrinks, has almost all these ingredients available on the OyaNow app, so you can make your drinks yourself. Next time you’re invited out to have a cocktail that costs the same as an entire bottle, remember this article and that OyaNow is the paddy that helps you say there are drinks at home!

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