OyaNow 101: Guide, Tips and Key points for your Restaurant’s success on OyaNow (2024)

A guide, tips, and key points to guarantee your restaurant's success on OyaNow.

Your restaurant may serve the best food, and your business may be notorious in your area, but would you say yes to further expanding your reach? Because the world has gotten fast-paced, online food delivery apps such as OyaNow keep springing up to make it easier for your business to serve a wider audience. In this article, we’re giving you a guide, tips, and key points to guarantee your restaurant’s success on OyaNow.

 guide, tips, and key points for OyaNow

Why choose OyaNow?
OyaNow is a delivery and errand app with a great user experience and a large number of existing users, which your business can take advantage of to broaden its scope. We ensure that your customers can not only place their orders easily, but that their food also gets to them in great condition.

Getting Started with OyaNow: Quick Steps

  1. Sign Up: Register your business on OyaNow’s website.
  2. Showcase your dishes: Upload your menu with vibrant photos and brief descriptions.

Where is OyaNow?

OyaNow is currently in three states in Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja, and Kano. Businesses within these regions are welcome to utilize our services!

What are OyaNow’s business packages?

OyaNow currently offers four business packages, each with great offers for businesses. Kindly choose the best package for you from our offerings, which include:

  1. Abuja B2B
  2. Abuja OyaBiz
  3. Lagos B2B
  4. Kano B2B

Perks of Joining OyaNow

  1. Expand Your Audience: Receive orders from our ever-growing pool of users and make more sales, both as a newcomer and as an already established business.
  2. Smooth Operations: Real-time order tracking and a support team make order management stress-free.
  3. Affordable: OyaNow’s offers a fair commission structure and ensures you get value for every sale.
  4. Special Deals: Publicize your deals on a larger scale to attract more sales for your business

Keys to Thriving on OyaNow

  1. Stay up-to-date: Regularly refresh your menu, engage with feedback, and maintain a good rating on the OyaNow app.
  2. Offer Discounts and Deals: Nothing attracts customers more than the possibility of saving money or getting a better deal. Give regular deals.
  3. Be Prompt: Prepare orders on time for quick delivery by our riders.
  4. Connect with Customers: Be more personal and unique when addressing your customers to inspire loyalty and build lasting customer relationships.
  5. Use Insights: Fully utilize OyaNow’s data to help fine-tune your offerings and service timings.

With its user-friendly app, large number of active users, and up-to-date insights and support, not tapping into OyaNow’s potential would be a business error. OyaNow promises to give your business a leg up in the digital scene. After reading this guide, tips, and key points, we hope it gets you ready to serve more customers. Are you ready? Join OyaNow today!

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