Journey Beyond Food – What’s to Enjoy About Nigeria?

Nigeria! A land bursting with life, where music makes you want to move, and people’s energy is contagious. But for many, this West African giant is synonymous with one thing: FOOD. Imagine the spicy jollof rice that sets your tastebuds ablaze. With the tender, smoky suya that melts in your mouth, Nigerian cuisine is not one to forget quickly.

A happy Nigerian man, roasting Suya meat in a vibrant outdoor landscape.

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But there’s so much more to Nigeria than just delicious food! This fantastic country is buzzing with energy. Where history whispers from ancient ruins and the future dances in the vibrant music of its people. Yes, the pounded yam is fantastic. However, focusing only on that would be like staring at a single star in the night sky when a dazzling galaxy awaits exploration. Yes, a whole world of experiences waiting to blow your mind, even after your stomach is full.

Beyond food! Get lost in the vibrant mix of cultures and traditions!

Kano's ancient Dye Pits.

Photo Credit: UW Madison Libraries

Imagine strolling through a Lagos market, the air buzzing with haggling and scents of exotic spices. Or picture yourself in Kano, mesmerized by centuries-old techniques used to dye fabrics in the ancient Dye Pits. Undeniably, Benin’s colossal walls will fascinate history lovers, while art enthusiasts will marvel at Osogbo’s breathtaking sculptures. Nigeria is a feast for the eyes, from the colourful Yoruba attire to the intricate Igbo beadwork. Every time you meet someone, you experience something new. You learn, grow, and appreciate the rich diversity that makes Nigeria whole.

Beyond food! Enjoy Mother Nature’s Playground

People having fun with food on Lagos Beach.

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Mother nature has been extra generous when it comes to Nigeria. Hike through the lush rainforests of the Cross River State. Spot diverse wildlife in Yankari National Park. Or feel the spray of cascading waterfalls like Erin Ijesha on your face. Seeking adventure? The possibilities are endless – Hike to the peak of Olumo Rock and be rewarded with breathtaking views of Abeokuta. Or Kayak through the tranquil waters of Oguta Lake. In the North, the rolling hills of the Jos Plateau provide a perfect haven for mountain lovers. Or simply relax on the pristine beaches of Lagos.

A melting pot of music and art

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Nigeria’s musical heritage is as diverse as its people. Immerse yourself in the pulsating rhythms of Afrobeats, the soulful melodies of Fuji music, or the hypnotic chants of Gangan drums. You’ll find live music spilling out of bars and clubs, echoing through the streets, and through the very soul of the nation. You will be inspired by the raw talent and passion permeating the Nigerian art scene.

Beyond food! Explore Warmth and Hospitality

An outdoor event, with food and smiles.

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The Nigerian people are renowned for their warm smiles and infectious hospitality. Seeking a friendly banter with a local market vendor? or sharing a cup of tea with a family in a rural village? You’ll be met with open arms and a genuine desire to share their culture and traditions. This spirit of community and warmth is a cornerstone of Nigerian life. A place where you can truly feel at home.

A Culinary Adventure

No! We can’t forget the food! It’s impossible to ignore the culinary delights that make Nigeria a foodie paradise. 

A photo of a variety of local Nigerian food.

From the fiery Jollof Rice and the comforting Egusi soup to the savoury Suya and the sweet and refreshing Zobo, Nigerian food celebrates flavour and spice. Thanks to technology, with the OyaNow food delivery app, you can experience this culinary adventure without leaving your doorstep. Order authentic Nigerian delicacies from your favourite restaurants and let the flavours show you how vibrant Nigeria is. 

Beyond the Plates: An Opportunity for Connection, Celebration, and Discovery

Beyond the food, Nigeria is more than just a destination; it’s a reality of endless possibilities. It’s where ancient traditions meet modern innovation. It’s where breathtaking landscapes inspire awe, and the human spirit shines through with resilience and warmth. So, step beyond the plate and discover the true heart of Nigeria.

And when you’re ready to explore the country’s culinary delights, enjoy the convenience of last-mile delivery with the OyaNow app.

An OyaNow staff, explaining how the OyaNow Food Delivery App works to friends in a party

With the OyaNow App, we’ll bring the taste of Nigeria straight to your door. You can enjoy the flavours of this incredible nation from the comfort of your home.

A creative showing the OyaNow food delivery app

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