Exploring International Cuisines

When it comes to ordering, especially for rice dishes, a typical Nigerian does not stray too far from the jollof, fried rice, rice and stew, or sauce combo. They’re well known, and we understand them. However, from time to time, you decide to explore international dishes, and that’s why we’re offering you a guide for exploring international cuisines. Some international dishes have been commonized, like pasta, pizza, and shawarma. Still, if you’ve ever wanted the back story of the Oriental, Continental, or Mediterranean section of a menu, this guide is dedicated to you!

Oriental Dishes

Oriental cuisine is simply food of Southeast Asian origin. It encompasses a wide range of flavors, ingredients, and cooking techniques from cultures like Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Popular oriental meals you may have encountered include sushi, stir-fry, ramen, and curry. If you’re craving bold and aromatic flavors, oriental dishes are your go-to choice.

Continental Dishes

Continental cuisine is food from European traditions. They consist of recipes from Italy, Greece, France, and Spain. Key ingredients that season continental food include olive oil, wine, garlic, and various herbs, which is why they are known for being simple but very flavorful. Popular continental dishes include Italian pasta, filet mignon, pizza, and an assortment of French pastries. Due to its sophistication, continental cuisine is a top pick for celebratory occasions and romantic dinners.

Oriental Food vs Continental Food

We now know about the 2 main cuisines, here are 3 key differences between them

  • Oriental food uses generous amounts of spices like turmeric, chili, cumin seeds, and cinnamon, while continental food uses fresh herbs like rosemary, basil, parsley, mint, thyme, and oregano.
  • Oriental food takes less time to cook as the ingredients are mostly fresh and stir-fried. Continental food takes longer to prepare, as it is served in courses, and consists of elaborately prepared meals.
  • Oriental foods are lighter and healthier than continental foods due to the use of more carbohydrates and meat in continental food preparations.

Exploring international cuisines can be tough, but with this guide, your selection can be a little easier, depending on the food occasion. Take a break from your regular jollof and let your taste buds go international. As usual, remember that the OyaNow app is your plug for great food beyond borders!

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