A Cooking challenge

OyaNowcookingshowdown was a cooking challenge to not just win a ₦50,000 cash prize but to showcase talents, and let me tell you, the contestants really outdid themselves.

From rice to soups to porridges, some meals were cooked with a twist, but it was clear that these chefs were sticking to the prompt. They were cooking their favorite dish!

We were pleasantly surprised by the volume of entries we got, but we reposted all entries that followed the challenge guidelines to ensure that every meal got its spotlight.

Points were awarded for creativity, style, and organic engagements, and because we unfortunately could only have one winner, someone came out on top.

A cooking challenge : winner
A cooking challenge : winner

Congratulations to our winner (some of the other contestants also voted for her 🥺). View her entry here. Thank you to every chef who participated in the challenge. We are honored to have witnessed your culinary skills!

Follow the hashtag #OyaNowcookingshowdown to see all the amazing entries we received. Also, watch this space for more amazing opportunities like this from OyaNow.

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